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What to Expect

As we navigate the ongoing challenges of this pandemic I am currently working exclusively via zoom. I will continue to work remotely until it feels safe to return face to face, at which point we will negotiate our next steps together.

What is therapy like with me?

My first goal is for us to build a relationship where you feel safe and supported. I will value you as a human being and accept your imperfections. I won't judge you, even when you judge yourself. I will celebrate your strengths. I will be honest with you, and I will encourage you to be honest with me. I will invite you to explore your feelings and to try out new experiences with me, but we can always put things aside if it doesn't feel right for you. I will keep our conversations strictly confidential.

As we get to know each other I will try to understand how you experience life, so I can almost walk in your shoes, and you can feel me with you. I will be curious about your emotions, how things feel for you in your body, as well as the thoughts and behaviours that accompany them. I want to help you slow down and connect with your feelings, to understand what they are telling us, and what they need to help you feel better. By allowing ourselves to feel what we have been holding back we engage our body's natural self-healing process, feeling the incredible relief that comes with it. We'll take our time with this, going at the pace that feels right for you. I want your experience of therapy with me to feel good, even when it's hard.

Our work together is a bit like a dance, you bring your problems and I bring my therapy knowledge. Sometimes you lead and sometimes I lead. We coordinate the steps together and, if we step on each other's toes, we work together to figure out how to get back in sync.


I currently charge £40 for a 50 minute session.

Therapy Office

Finding the right therapist for you

Thanks for coming to look at my site. It can feel like a massive step to find a therapist to work with. I really want to celebrate your decision to do something good for you and those you care about.

I especially want to encourage you to find the right therapist for you. It might take you a few tries until you find someone you feel safe enough to open up with. There is no shame in this. The therapeutic relationship is one of the most important factors in helping you find the change you’re looking for, so it’s important to find someone you feel comfortable with. I understand what a difficult a decision it can be. I’ve worked with several therapists over the years, some of whom were great, and others who were the wrong fit for me. If the chemistry is off, or the therapist’s approach doesn’t fit, then it’s time to try again.


To help you make your decision I offer an initial trial therapy session that is free if you decide you don’t want to continue our work together, no strings attached. You'll get a whole session to experience what it's like to work with me, with no obligations, so you can judge for yourself if I'm offering what you're looking for.

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